Asia Bizz: Nokia World 2010: Nokia Looks Ahead To Come Back Strong In The Mobile Market

The Nokia World 2010 is all set, and it looks that Nokia is making a strong statement that it is gaining to come back into the mobile market once again. Nokia had been a top mobile manufacturer a couple of years back and it seemed that no company will be able to overtake the greatness that Nokia had made.


Nokia World 2010 is the largest conference that is held by Nokia ever, and it is stern over its prospects to come back in to the market and make a presence, in addition it will also be thinking of reviving the whole outlook in terms of financial profits.

Nokia has also witnessed their new CEO for the company, Stephen Elop, who will be replacing Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. The vice president of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, left from his post all of a sudden on Monday. Vanjoki was one of the oldest people serving Nokia, as he has been there since almost 20 years now, and it has also become crucial that Vanjoki’s presence in the company was very important and that was related straight towards the development of Nokia.


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