Alibaba to now provide China’s viewers with ‘Mad Men’ and much more.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has joined hands with the US based Lions Gate Studio to stream popular  US movies  and TV Shows  including Twilight and Mad Men in China.  The  new service which is based on subscription will be launched in August 2014.  The service will be offered to Alibaba’s Internet Television  set-top box.

alibaba and lions gate

Although some Lions Gate offerings are already available in China through other partnerships, viewers will now have access to behind the scenes footage via Alibaba’s new service. Jim Packer, the president of worldwide television and distribution said, “This is going to be more of a window into Hollywood and into how these movies get made and how these TV shows get made”.

However, the company has not yet announced the subscription fees. Alibaba is also preparing for an IPO in New York  which could turn out to be the largest in US history. Moreover, the Hangzhou based firm has been  expanding its portfolio to improve its digital  entertainment options. It is also acquiring stakes in some of the top Chinese video and content streaming  companies.

In June, 2014, the company also bought a local soccer club.  The strategy of Alibaba is similar to that of Amazon which is another internet retailer moving aggressively  in to the streaming  video and TV production market.

Photo Credits: Vancouversun


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