Russia route approved for Philippine Airlines’ Manila to London flight.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has managed to get a regulatory approval to fly over Russia for its Manila to London Route. The recent development will help to cut the travel time by as much as two hours.

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PAL is the only domestic airlines which has direct flights to Europe. The airline said that the new route allows a flight from Manila to reach London in about 13 hours and 30 minutes as opposed to 15 hours and 30 minutes. The new route will fly over most of Serbia and Russia which the career said was faster route compared to the older path.

The old path took the flight over Asia, Turkey and some parts of the European continent. PAL in a statement said, “The route, which does not overfly any conflict zone, is the quickest option between Manila and London allowing PAL to save on fuel consumption while offering a much better product to its passengers.”

Dimissing concerns over the safety of the new route, considering Malaysian Airlines’ shot down jet in Ukraine; PAL said, “Earlier, PAL allayed passengers’ fears following the tragic crash over Ukraine that it continues to strictly follow regulations on flight paths and complies with all safety advisories covering allowed flight routes, areas of restriction or conflict areas.”

The president added that the company was eyeing other European markets as well. Earlier this month, the domestic company announced details on an expanded code share agreement that it had entered into with Etihad Airways for the Manila to Abu Dhabi route.

Photo Credits: Anna aero


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