Asia Bizz: Super Mario Turns 25, Nintendo Celebrates Anniversary With A Special Website

Super Mario has now turned 25 this year and what a moment to celebrate, as Nintendo has launched a special anniversary website over the character to mark its special anniversary in the virtual world. There is no gamer in the world who does not know who Mario is, he is like the Elvis Presley of gaming, legendary.

Super Mario Bros. - 25-Years

Super Mario is well known because of the sideways moving background, and his special way of jumping over mushrooms and other obstacles. It has been reported that the number of original game copies sold are 40.24 million. Shigeru Miyamoto creator of Mario, stated that as the technology advanced so did Mario, and it was really good opportunity to develop a game like Super Mario.

So to make this moment very memorable, Nintendo, the company that created Mario has launched a special 25th Anniversary Website for Mario. The website link is as follows – The website contains videos of the yesteryears of Mario and it first editions, right up to Super Mario: Galaxy 2. The website will be a wonderful experience for Super Mario lovers.


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