Spirited Away maker Studio Ghibli likely to shut down production in near future.

Studio Ghibli, a Japan based animation film studio has announced a halt in production. The studio is best known for its Oscar winning production Spirited Away. Toshio Suzuki, the co-founder of the studio said that it was undergoing a complete revamp, but discussions about a total end to filmmaking are also underway.

Studio Ghibli likely to shut down production

The recent changes have been announced after lead director Hayao Miyazaki retired from the list of filmmakers in September, 2013. ‘Spirited Away’ had claimed the Academy Award for the best animation in 2002.

Two years later, Howl’s Moving Castle claimed an Oscar nomination. During his TV appearance, Suzuki said that it is by no means possible to keep producing movies forever, so he has decided to take a pause so that he can decided where to go from here.

The co-founder added that a period of housecleaning is essential after Miyazaki left and that it needed to allow new animators and directors to make a mark. Moreover, the studio has also admitted that the departure of their most popular and loved filmmaker has caused them to reconsider the future.

Earlier, it was reported that the anime studio was to shut down its production arm in all entirety and would exist with a limited staff to deal with rights for the existing output in video games and film merchandise.

Photo Credits: Japanator