Post the meat scare that hurt sales, McDonald’s to bring back burgers to China

Fast food franchise McDonald’s is set to make a comeback in China by once again bringing burgers and chicken nuggets back to their menu within the next week, this time with a new supplier of meat. The company would also be enabling changes in prices and expansion plans, while also working towards reclaiming consumer confidence.

McDonald's to bring back chicken products to China

Last month, McDonald’s put a halt to the sales of its chicken products in most cities in the country after its supplier, Shanghai Husi Food, a Chinese subsidiary of the OSI Group, was found to be processing expired meat. Since then, there has been a massive shortage of burgers and other chicken products, delivering a direct blow to company sales and quality confidence.

With the non-availability of the company’s highest selling Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, customers have found themselves to be limited to fish products, fries, pies and ice cream, with even fish supply running out in many outlets.

The impact of this finding had also transcended to its stores in Japan, as they procure 10 percent of their meat from Shanghai Husi Food. It seems that many foreign fast-food chains have been relying solely on OSI due to its enormous scale of operations, but few had any back-up plans in case of an eventuality.


Photo Credits: Al Jazeera




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