Asia Bizz: Creator Of Linux Linus Torvalds Finally a US Citizen

The creator of Linux operating system finally got his US citizenship and he is really happy about that. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux is originally from Finland and he moved to the US in the year 1997, 13 years is what it took for him to finally get a US citizenship.

Creator Of Linux Linus Torvalds

Linux is surely one huge mark in the open source circle and the world uses it now. Linus Torvalds just got his citizenship around a week before.

Linus Torvalds has two kids and they are US citizens from the time they were born. Torvalds revealed his citizenship on Linux kernel mailing this around this week. He was really excited as this gives him the right to vote and he can also update his social security number now.

Linus Torvalds at present lives in Portland, Oregon and works at the Linux Foundation as a software engineer.

Torvalds currently resides in Portland, Oregon and works as a software engineer for the Linux Foundation.