Amkette to launch a gaming console in Indian markets before the year end.

Indian technology firm, Amkette, is all set to enter the gaming industry as it plans to launch a gaming device that will be priced under Rs. 10,000. It is expected to hit the shelves around the festive season of Diwali.

Amkette to launch a gaming console

The device will run on an Android OS and will compete with Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox. The device will use high-end processors with 3D graphics capability that will make for a powerful gaming platform for the TV. India’s gaming industry is still young, with an untapped potential worth running into crores of rupees.

Amkette’s CEO, Rajiv Bapna said, “The new product is expected to be priced sub-10,000 and will be introduced in the Indian market before the year end, maybe around the festive season. As per initial planning, we plan to sell over 20,000 of these devices in this fiscal year alone.”

On being asked about the target audience for the product, Bapna said that the company would focus on both male and female gamers as there were more games being added that appealed to the female audiences.

Amkette, however, will not be developing games at the moment, as there are a large number of games available on the Android system that can be downloaded and played on the television using the device.

Amkette is an Indian computer hardware and electronic manufacturer that is based in New Delhi, India. It is most famously known for its flagship product, EvoTV – a television that integrates the Internet and web features into it.

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