Asia Bizz: Internet Explorer 9 Has Been Unveiled By Microsoft

Microsoft has come up with its latest browser, as it has unveiled the Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has stated that the new browser will be providing the best performance during web browsing, as it will be using the latest hardware technology, HTML5 and Windows 7, to boost its performance. It is a strong step by Microsoft to come back in to the browser market, as it lost most of its hold to other new browsers.

The current browser market on the web is buzzing around with Mozilla and Google Chrome, as they are providing subtle and better features compared to the IE. Microsoft has really worked hard on the IE9, as they tried to make it better than other available browsers in the market.

One of the new features include pinned websites, which mean the user can access his favorite website from the Windows 7 task bar, without starting the browser. We hope that the new IE9 will be able to capture the dominance it had some years back, and specially attract users with its new features.


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