Singapore will host a 5 km Hello Kitty Run to celebrate the kitty’s 40th birthday.

As the world’s most popular feline, Hello Kitty, turns 40 on November 1, 2014, thousands of fans would be seen converging in Singapore to participate in the Hello Kitty Run. In a run for celebrations, about 15,000 fans will celebrate the kitty’s day of inception by cutting a one-of-a-kind birthday cake and singing a birthday song in chorus.

Hello Kitty Run Singapore

Stretching over 5 km, the inaugural run will be open to people of all ages, fans and non-fans, covering major landmarks around the city. All participants will get an assured gift comprising an exclusive runner’s t-shirt and a special edition Hello Kitty plush toy.

Originally known as Kitty White, Hello Kitty is the creation of Japanese illustrator Yoku Shimizu. Since the release of the fictional female Japanese bob cat in 1974 by Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty has transformed into a massive global marketing success over the years.

Found on a massive range of products, from school supplies to fashion accessories, as well as high-end consumer products, the annual worth of the kitty is $7 billion (2014). She also features in numerous animated TV series, a collection of Hello Kitty inspired music, as well as a wide variety of video games.

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