Asia Bizz: Nokia Brings In Three New Models, C6, C7 And E7

Nokia recently came up with three of the latest phones in the market, they are the C6, C7 and E7. Nokia is now really looking forwards to stabilize its market in the world, as it started loosing grip in the past couple of years. The new phones C6 and C7 are candy bar styled phones and the E7 is a called a smartphone or a mini computer by Nokia.

C6 provides the user with AMOLED 3.2 Inch display and a full stainless steel body. It also comes with the latest CBD (Clear Black Display) technology, which enables the user to view the cellphone even in a bright day. The C7 is a bit bigger than the C6 with a 3.5 inch scene, and an 8 mega pixel camera.

The E7 is a smartphone with the latest Symbian OS, and has an 8 mega pixel camera. Plus the phone is supposed to be smartphone and comes with a sliding qwerty keypad. In short Nokia is really looking ahead to make a comeback and with these phones in the market we hope it may be helping the company to make a presence.


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