Asia Bizz: Jobless Claims In The US Falls At A Two Month Low

The Jobless claims in the US has hit a two month low, and which also looks like a great news. It seems that this is a sign that the economy is trying to stabilize in some way and that there can be possible growth. Producer prices on the other hand recorded their highest growth in five months.

The economy from here looks that it is promising a beacon of hope that there can be future growth, and that there was a fear of double recession by next year, looks quite distant. The experts had thought the US economy would be diving once again into the realm of recession which could have been an economic catastrophe.

The claims fell by some 3000 and stabilized at 450000, which is the lowest since July 10th, almost two months. The experts felt that the claims would have reached 460000, but this did not happen. On the other hand we have to see how long does this development stands as a few weeks back reports stated that the growth in the economy is variably very slow.


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