Asia Bizz: PSP2: Mortal Kombat Developer Claims To Have A Test Unit

Mortal Kombat developer, Netherrealm has stated that they have a test unit of a rumored PSP2. So now what is the authenticity of this claim made by these developers. The company’s Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick, has stated that do have a prototype model of the PSP2 gadget, which also seems to be a small and powerful machine.

Till now the company has stated that the gadget has been tested and reported a 60FPS performance, and by doing some more tweaks into the gadget it will be doing better in the future. But then there were questions raised on the claim of Himmerick, as they say that they have still not reached 3D capability on the gadget.

Sony on the other hand has stated that it has no plans of the sequel of the PSP, but this month has been really hot over the topic of the PSP2. But it looks from here that Sony should really come up with the sequel of the handheld game console, as their sales have been falling consistently as Nintendo has started to gain a strong hold in the market.


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