Four digital marketing trends that businesses need to prepare for.

Thailand digital marketing agency has predicted four digital marketing trends that business need to watch out for–namely, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile wallet, digital streaming and beacon technology. The agency also pointed out four important channels such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Line that would be mainly used for digital marketing.

digital marketing trends 2015

Factors responsible for driving these trends will be the voraciously increasing dependance and use of social media and mobile technologies.

There are 26 million Internet users in Thailand alone, while subscriptions amount to 96 million, as per the Digital Advertising Association (Thailand). Market research firms TNS and Google have also cited that there are bound to be an array of new services designed and developed to address varied customer needs, based on the sharing-economy trend.

At present, companies such as Uber (booking service for taxis, private car or ride-sharing via smartphones) and Airbnb (global online accommodation marketplace) are an active part of the rising share-economy trend.

As per the findings, around 50 per cent of total searches online are done via mobile devices. Considering that most users of mobile phones use Google for all search purposes, the company’s search-engine marketing is still the main tool used for digital marketing.

Photo Credits:  Million Dollar Marketing