AirAsia Group plans further expansion in Thailand across business sectors.

Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia affiliate AirAsia Group has treaded deeper into Thailand by establishing new businesses across varied sectors such as insurance, communication and entertainment. 

Airasia group thailand expansion

The group is focused on its Tune insurance unit in Thailand, which was acquired as Osotspa Insurance in May 2014 for Bt 700 million. The unit will provide a wide range of insurance solutions and services online to all AirAsia travelers, with affordable coverage, high service quality and prompt claim settlements. 

Apart from the already existing clientele from Osotspa, Tune Insurance is expecting more than 4,000 student customers from the brand’s affiliate at Bangkok University. The unit also plans to conduct new joint campaigns with retail business partners to venture into the food and education sector.

The company also plans to include more on-board entertainment services like Tune Box on its flights to and from Thailand. At the moment it is awaiting approval for its communications business. 

As per reports, AirAsia may also venture into the private-jet business by the name of Tune Jet, which would soon be acquiring M Jet from Minor International. This would be the first time a low-cost airline will venture into the super-luxury service. However, the company denied any such plan.

Photo Credits: The Malaysian Insider