Asia Bizz: Research In Motion BlackBerry Profits Cross Expectations

It is a moment of great joy for the Research In Motion BlackBerry, as their August month profits rose by more than their expectation. The Shares prices today for RIM were 4% higher than the original trade value. These are positive indications that the firm is looking ahead some strong growth in the mobile and telecommunication sector.

The net profit mounted for the month of August this year is around $796.7 million, as it was only $476.5 million exactly a year earlier. It is still a good sign of success from the company as it was surrounded in security issues in the Middle East and India.

Officials at RIM have courageously faced the occurring security issues in Asia, and have stated that they have solved it according the satisfaction of the respective country. It was mind blowing after it was known that the revenue of the company hit $4.62 billion, almost a mammoth 31% increase.


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