Asia Bizz: Samsung Galaxy Tab Has Potential To Pull Many Customers

The latest offering by Samsung the new Galaxy Tab, is reported to have strong potential to pull many customers. The reason is that the new tablet PC from Samsung has better features than any other product currently available in the market, and this why it has the ability to attract customers towards it.

One of the exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is that it is running on the latest Google Android 2.2 FroYo OS, which makes many applications run on the tablet. Secondly it comes with front and rear camera,which none of the current tablets offer. And the last thing that hits anyone is that it is comparatively very light in weight against the Apple iPad.

Apple on the other hand is on the move to upgrade the iPad, most probably it will be coming with a front facing camera and an upgrade in the OS. But still, if we compare the size and weight of these gadgets, the Galaxy Tab impresses almost everyone.


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