The $4.3 billion airport will be built on an artificial island.

A major Chinese city by the name of Dalian will build a $4.3 billion airport on an 8.07 square mile artificial island, it was reported on September 16, 2014. Comprising four runways, the airport aims to be the biggest in the world to be created through landfill and have the capacity to handle the Airbus A380 mega jets.

China $4.3 billion airport near Dalian

Currently, the airport at Zhoushuizi handles over 14 million passengers annually, which has seen a yearly increase of about 5.5 percent. Being China’s 17th busiest airport, it is plausible that the airport will wear out in the next five years, which is why the plans of the new airport near Dalian have been met with positivity. 

In total, airports in China had over 754 million passengers passing through last year, which is 11 percent more than the reported figure in 2012 and 86 percent higher than the number five years ago.

Even if one new plane takes to China’s skies every other day for the next 20 years, it may be difficult to control congestion and delays. This is why China is in the middle of a major airport expansion drive and aims to raise the total number of airports to more than 220 by 2015 end.

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