Rusia fruit exports pakistan agreement

Russia to turn to Pakistan for vegetable and fruit exports.

In the light of Russia’s ban on European fruit exports, the country is likely to sign an MoU with Pakistan for fruits, vegetables and other products. Russia has obtained a list of Pakistani companies that fall within Moscow’s quarantine regulations.

Rusia fruit exports pakistan agreement

A group of 20 exporters from Pakistan, along with a leading member of the Pakistan Fruit, Vegetables Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) had recently visited Russia. It has been reported that the Russian quarantine department would be making a trip westward to Pakistan soon.

The Russian delegation will be sent to inspect the installation and facilities, including potato farms, pack houses and shipment procedures in the country.

Currently, good agricultural practices are widely being adopted in Pakistan as per global standards. The implementation has helped the country steer clear from potential restrictions from the European market, especially the EU ban on mango imports this year.

This agreement would enable faster resolutions for exports related issues in Pakistan as exporters will have access to a large share of the Russian market, since there is no scope left for EU, Australian and Canadian exports. This improvement in trade between the two countries is bound to benefit not only exporters, but also traders and farmers.

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