Asia Bizz: Microsoft’s “Halo Reach” Makes $200 Million On Launch Day
Its Great news for Microsoft has its game “Halo: Reach” earned a wapping $200 Million on the day of its launch. The global sales of Microsoft’s “Halo: Reach” had made things look good for microsoft as the are also releasing a new Xbox 360 gaming system in November.

The New Halo series editing called the “Halo: Reach” looks really promising as it comes just before the holiday shopping season and Microsoft looks forward to take on the arch rivals Sony as well as Nintendo as they have been facing a little slump in sales recently.

The vice president of Microsoft game Studios, Phil Spencer, confessed that the slump in sales for Microsoft recently was as they had lack of blockbuster games, the gaming industry faced a slowdown as well on the other hand.

Spenser also said that “Halo: Reach” would promise to help support the sales in a large way for the Xbox 360 console across the world.

More than 34 Million copies have been sold worldwide in the span of 9 years for the “Halo” franchise.


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