Asia Bizz: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Wont Support Windows XP OS

The latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 wont be supporting the Windows XP OS. Officials have said that the new browser will be compatible on the Windows XP operating system. The Internet Explorer 9 was launched by Microsoft to go in a head on battle against the rival browsers which have taken over much of its market share.

But if any one who is entering a battle, needs to be prepared completly to take on the enemy rivals, without any weakness. In the IE’s case, Microsoft said that the new browser is supposed to shun its rivals with its new features and speed, but then there is a huge back drop that is found in this very browser, that it is not compatible at all with Windows XP.

The Windows XP is the most extensively used Microsoft Operating system in the world for the moment. The IE9 is compatible with later Vista versions and the latest Windows 7. We cannot just take this as a breach in Microsoft’s research and development, from one side of the concept, it seems this is also an attempt to wave out the XP OS from the global computers, as it is now become very old and most of the new feature of Microsoft do not work on the XP.


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