Asia Bizz: BP Decides To Completely Seal Off Gulf Of Mexico Oil Well

BP has decided to finally seal off the Gulf of Mexico oil well, which created an oil leak catastrophe that lasted for months together. The company has started to pump cement into the well and it will be finished by the end of Saturday, this will mark an official end to BP conflict with damaged oil well after five long months.

Since the mid of July, there has been no oil leak into the Gulf from the well, after the company had fitted their latest sealing equipment. The cement pumping began on 13.30 local time on Friday and is scheduled to be finished by Saturday.

Engineers state once when the cement is completely settled inside the well, the damaged well will be sealed forever, and that will mark a moment of relief for the BP officials. After the process of sealing is over, BP will be leaving the site and will be looking ahead towards the aftermath of the spill and start solving all their problems.


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