South Korean Electronics giant Samsung launches Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S in India.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Samsung launched two of its new gadgets in India – Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S. The Galaxy Note 4 will retail for Rs. 58,300, while the wearable device, Gear S, is priced at Rs. 29,000. The Note 4 was unveiled over a month ago at the IFA in Berlin. The phone comes to India a month after its global launch. The devices will be available from October 17, 2014.

Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S

The high pricing by Samsung suggests its willingness to take on the Apple iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3. The Note 4 is evidently aimed at the higher-end of the smartphone market.

The Galaxy Note 4’s USP is the stylus, S Pen. Users will be able to use the stylus to navigate through the screen, easing the process and eliminating the issue of fat fingers. The Note 4 also has a multi-screen option along with a Quad HD screen. These are the features that differentiate the Note 4 from the previous Notes and the other competition in the market.

The phone comes along with smart charging, which allows users to charge the phone till 50 percent in a 30 minute charge session. Since the large screen of the Note 4 is resource intensive, the battery is designed to supple more power to the phone, at the least consumption.

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