Asia Bizz: Google Chrome 7 Free Download To Launch Soon

Google the company that has changed the world of internet by their simplicity is now ready with their new version of the Google Chrome. The Google Chrome 7 will be absolutely free to download and use.

There have been a few errors and bugs found in the Google Chrome 6.0.472.59 version, but they are still good to use, now with the new version the Google Chrome, all those bugs have been fixed.

The speed specially is much better than the previous Google Chrome and is very noticeable.

It is also said that the Google Chrome 7 will be around 60 times faster that then previous version. The Google Chrome 7 is power packed and feels like it will be the most stable web browser and people are looking forward to its release.

Google always stays up to what they always commit too and we hope that they still do.


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