Asia Bizz: Nokia E90 Review of a Business Phone

When you talk about Nokia’s business phone, it is a fact that the Nokia E90 communicator is one that cannot be forgotten. The E90 is one phone that cannot be overshadowed with the recent business phones by Nokia, the company has a huge market share in Asia.

Nokia E90 Communicator

The E90 is a powerpact when it comes to a business phone. The Nokia E90 is a great phone when it comes to performance, specially the multitasking ability of the hanset. The Nokia E90 is excellent for online surfing of the internet. Webpages can be opened and the wide screen serves the purpose. It can feel like a mini laptop at times, well, not exactly, but the E90 has a great keypad dedicated for your emails and content.

The Nokia E90 can work with ease for at least four applications at one time. The best part regarding the keypad is the light below each number and alphabet.

The Nokia E90 was stopped production by the company as Nokia has a lot of new business phones up in their pipeline which are not as bulky as the Nokia E90.


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