Asia Bizz: Facebook Working On Building A Phone, Can This Be True?

It is rumored that Facebook is working on building a phone for itself, the question is that can this be true. The war in the smartphone industry has reached a new toll as almost every mobile company is trying hard to build a phone better than its competitor in the market. As the smartphones today provide access to various networking sites on the web, it is heard that Facebook is working on making a smartphone for itself.

It is said that Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papaikipos are appointed the head of this project and that they are currently working on it secretly. Facebook is concerned about Apple and Google in the market as these technology giants have their own devices and subsequently their own social networking sites too, plus they have integrated these social networking sites into their phones.

Facebook has now taken an initiative to bring its own device into the market and most probably the device will be priced somewhere around $50. What is not clear here is that it is not in competition against Google and Apple’s high end smartphones. But when later asked, the Facebook officials stated that they are not working on any phone project, as it looks from here that they convincing the world that no such thing exists, or its a way that they can give the mobile phone market a surprise with its very own ‘Facebook Phone’.


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