After a severe internet outage, South Korea’s internet service has been restored on December 23, 2014. The country faced an online blackout after a cyber security issue with the US. restoration was reported by the officials at South Korea and the US experts. However, No comment has been delivered by authorities in Pyongyang.

south korea internet

Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of the foreign Ministry, said that such reports need to be speculative and did not have any basis in reality. Hua added, “These reports themselves are extremely irresponsible, unprofessional and misleading”. The permanent representative of China to the United States has appealed to all the sides to avoid any kind of increase in tension.

People in North Korea were highly dependent on tech and faced hardships as they were denied access to the world wide web. The authorities had a tough time to prevent citizens from accessing the internet. In recent times, the Pyongyang embassies were told that they can have free Wi Fi networks in the building.

This aided to a hike in demand of neighboring properties as the residents could have access to Wi Fi networks. On the other hand, the ordinary Koreans might not be much affected as they are even otherwise denied of internet.

Photo Credits: thenextweb