Local authorities in Shanghai informed that 36 people had lost their lives in a deadly stampede during the New Year celebrations in Shanghai on the night of January 1, 2015. Seven people were reportedly injured and have been discharged from the hospital. 40 injured are still under treatment and 13 are seriously injured and are admitted in a municipal hospital.

stampede shanghai

The tragedy struck in a crowded square in the Bund area of Shanghai at 11:35 pm. The majority of the people injured were people in their twenties while majority of them were women. Sources from the hospital revealed that there were college students and chidlren among the injured.

23 year old Jou Yi’an from Taichung City died in the stampede and had visited the mainland for the first time. The police is still investigating the cause of the stampede while the municipal government is preparing a team for the rescue operations and after effects. The notice out of the station issued a notice saying that the nearest subway station to the Bund was closed for safety reasons.

Several police personnel have been deployed at the road intersections close to Bund. The survivors of the incident had described the stampede as hellish and horrific.

Photo Credits: sbs