Competition in the world of ecommerce and online messengers has increased in recent times. Facebook’s leading and the most popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp is now looking forward to introduce more improvements in order to stay up in the competition. Reports say that the mobile messaging app will soon introduce a few new features which will include ‘Call Via Skype’.

whatsapp call

The new interesting features on WhatsApp will improve the users experience and will also help it to maintain its user base. The new feature will come with a few additional features including call back, call hold, call back message, call mute, call notifications, call me in x minutes and will also have an entire separate screen for calling.

If this is not enough, the mobile messaging app will also have a ‘Driving Mode’ feature which will help to read out and the messages and calls when the person is driving. People who get disturbed during working hours will be able to activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

The news of the new features was confirmed by the CEO Jan Koum and said that the service is delayed till the first quarter of 2015. With the help of the new feature, WhatsApp will be able to agitate the competition further.

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