Hong Kong based superstar Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment over drug offence at a court in Beijing on January 9, 2015. The Dongcheng District Court in Beijing found the 32 year old accused guilty of ‘sheltering others to use drugs.

jaycee chan

Jr. Chan could have been jailed for a maximum sentence of three years. The police raid conducted in the month of August 2014 had found more than 100 grams of marijuana. President of China Xi Jinping, in June 2014 ordered the police to implement effective measures to reduce the usage of drugs in the country.

The police conducted various raids in which many celebs were arrested and the arrest of Chan was a result of the implementation of the strict measures. The recent imprisonment of Jaycee Chan has conveyed the message from the Chinese government that it is not going to spare anyone who is found guilty over possessing illegal drugs.

Jr. Chan was arrested along with Taiwanese based movie star Kai Ko from their residence in Beijing in August 2014. The police reported that the two tested positive for marijuana. Reports say that Ko was released after 14 days of administrative detention for drug use. However, Jr. Chan was held back for a more serious crime for providing shelter for others to abuse drugs.

Photo Credits: asianpopnews


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