The Indonesian Navy divers in search of the crashed AirAsia flight have successfully retrieved one of the black boxes out of two from the crash site on January 12, 2015. Efforts are being made to retrieve the second one which is the cockpit voice recorder which is still in somewhere in the crash debris.

black box

Some of the top officials have said that second black box has been located but has to be pulled out at the surface. The recovery of the black box is a major breakthrough in the search and investigation of the aircraft amidst zero visibility. The orange color black box might give out some important clues about the crash of the plane.

Pings were being detected on January 11, 2015 after which the black box was recovered in the early hours of Monday. Henry Bambang Soelistyo the chief of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency said, “The National Transport Safety Committee chief has informed me that at 7.11 am, we succeeded in bringing up part of the black box that we call the flight data recorder”.

The black box was detected at a depth of about 30 to 35 meters on January 11, 2015 but was entangled in the wreckage of the plane. The Navy chief of Indonesia Abdul Aziz Jafar Tweeted about the progress and said that efforts are being made to retrieve the black box which is stuck amidst the plane debris.

Photo Credits: telegraph


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