Asia Bizz: Slow Global Economy Recovery Causing Stress In Many Countries

The slow Global Economy recovery of the world has caused a lot of stress in the countries around, ranging from USA to Japan. The current economic crisis which erupted back in the year 2007, made the countries do almost everything to make avoid nations falling into any sort of catastrophe. The countries around the world were feeling that global economy may be falling into the Great Depression once again.

It has been more than three years now, and that the whole global recovery is not on the fast track of recovery, it seems its going to be tough day ahead. For US its seems that the one of the options left is to purchase large scale US Treasury Bonds.

Officials of US Central Bank are asking what will be the outlook of the economy in the future, or will it be more credible to push more money in to the economy to restabilize it, or will be just a bad move to go ahead with it. For the moment only opinions are coming up and no solutions, this way the Global economy will take some really long time to recover and come back on track.


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