Search engine giant Google is all set to sell the wireless phone service which will be sold directly to the consumers with the help of networks Sprint and T-Mobile. If everything works out then Google will be offering discounted wireless plans.

google wireless

This can pressurise other big carriers to offer better deals or they can be at a risk to lose their customers over the new rival in the market. There is also a possibility that more affordable plans could lead to bring more people online. Such attempts are being made by Google as it runs the popular search engine and the largest advertising network.

Google will have a larger benefit from the larger audience for its services. The search engine has also implanted its services in Android mobile operating system mostly on the widely used software on smartphones. The news of Google’s intentions of becoming a wireless service provider were reported by The Wall Street Journal and The Information. On the other hand representatives from Sprint Corp., Google and T-Mobile refused to comment on the development.

Reports further say that Google is trying to enter the wireless service market by buying access on Sprint and T-Mobile networks which is known as the mobile virtual network operator or the MVNO agreement. But the search engine might still have to set up its own operations so as to handle the customer service as well as billing.

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