Finnish researchers have developed a new search engine which is likely to be a competition for the current dominant search engine Google. The upcoming search engine can help the surfers search more efficiently.

search engine google

The new search engine is known as the SciNet search engine developed by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT is different. The search engine developed by the HIIT is different as it helps to recognise the tasks by showing the keywords related to the search of the users.

The surfers will be able to get diverse, relevant and faster results. This can be more helpful for people, who do not exactly know what they are searching for or how to put forward the query. It is often noticed that people find it difficult how to put their query in to words. Project coordinator, Tuukka Routsalo said, “The SciNet search engine solves these problems. It is easier for people to recognise what information they want from the options offered by the SciNet search engine than it is to type it themselves”.

The new search engine will provide alternatives which are connected to the topic, that the users might not even have thought could be connected with the topic. By moving around the topic the users specify what exactly they are searching for.

Photo Credits: thehindu