Asia Bizz: Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil Corp May Increase its Gasoline Price in India Soon

One of India’s biggest oil refiner company Hindustan Petroleum is most probably willing to increase the cost of gasoline in India. This was confirmed by B. Mukherjee the director of Finance.

The price of gasoline will probably increase by around 0.28 rupee a liter and this would be followed by two companies called Indian Oil Corp. and Hindustan Petroleum.

The shares of Hindustan Petroleum gained around 2.2 percent at around 544.25 rupees today, this is reported the highest level since last recorded on September 14. On the other hand Indian Oil known as the biggest refiner created a record by climbing 2.9 percent to 441.10 rupees. Apart from these two giants Bharat Petroleum also created a record and rose from around 4.7 percent to a record 802.15 rupees.


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