California based taxi service Everyone’s Uber has been launched in the Japanese city of Fukuoka on February 5, 2015. The launch of the taxi service app ‘Uber’ is the latest attempt to take over the transport industry across the globe.

uber japan

The users of the service need to have a ride pin their location and have to request the driver through the app which is downloaded in the smartphone. The service is already active in the Japanese city of Tokyo but in the data gathering pilot, the Fukuoka passengers will not have to pay.

Uber said that the research partner of the firm Kyushu University will analyse the data which is collected to research in mobility and transportation. The Japanese city of Fukuoka is considered as one of the special economic zones. Under the special zones, the companies and universities are encouraged to launch energy saving pilot programs and renewable energy.

The California based company does not own any vehicles but makes use of independent contractors who have their own vehicles. The passengers can have an option to register their credit cards with the company so as to request a ride through the app. The taxis will have real time mapping with GPS system, which will show the customer exactly where the taxi is.

Photo Credits: financialexpress