New development plans have been developed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the Andaman Coast which aims to improve facilities and management practices. The measures have been taken to attract quality tourists.

andaman tourism

Chairman of the board of TAT Kalin Sarasin said that the agency had collected plans from the tourism operators. Sarasin added that there is a need to improve the infrastructure and facilities along with improving safety and security. The system also needs to improve community management systems related to the resources and wastewater.

The chairman added that their plan is to focus on combining the three provinces in to one cluster and market it overseas. About 150 local operators, tourism associations met with TAT in Phuket and heard about the issues the industry is facing. The meeting was held to look for ways to strengthen every photo.

Sarasin opined that Phuket had good potential to be developed as a quality destination by promoting existing local strength. The chairman also pointed out that more value products had to be created for the tourists. talking about the problems, the island needed to improve the water resource management, public transport, law enforcement, beaches management and ease investor nominee requirements. The chairman added that the province could also be promoted as a wedding destination for foreigners.

Photo Credits: bp