The Japan National Tourist Organization says that the country has recorded highest number of tourists ever in January 2015. Figures from JNTO revealed that 1,218,400 foreign tourists visited in January 2014 and marked a 29.1 % increase compared to January 2014.

japan tourists

Tourism officials opined that the increase in tourism was a result of weak yen and an increase in the number of flights from Haneda Airport. The progress in tourism was also due to the ease of visa regulations for some of the countries in South Asia. Officials also noted that since the number of duty free products were increased in the stores from October 1, 2014, an increase in sales was also noted.

An increase of about 2.4% was noted compared to the same year in 2013. In terms of nationality, the highest number was noted in South Koreans with 358,100 and the next in the line were the Chinese with 226,300 and Taiwanese with 217,000.

The JNTO revealed that for the first time ever it was noticed that a high number of tourists came to Japan in a months period and the number exceeded 300,000. The changes in the figures were noticed since the time they were recorded in 1964.

Photo Credits: japandailypress