Asia Bizz: Honda Unicorn Dazzler India Review 2010

Honda has recently launched the Honda Unicorn Dazzler in the Indian bike market , with a view to be competitive against the Unicorn rivals. The Honda Unicorn has been in the Indian market since a long time now, the sales have never been a problem, as the bike always attracted many of the Indian citizens above the age of 25, and that could be one reason why youngsters were away from this bike. In the Year 2009, Honda decided to do some extra touch ups with the bike to make it look more beautiful and attractive, but without touching its mill, but even then there was not much of a difference in the bike and its previous model.

So, the latest Honda Unicorn Dazzler which was launched in the month of August 2010 in India is a totally reworked Unicorn for the Indian customers. It has the same 150 CC engine that has been in all the unicorns since years. Every time when Honda did something with the bike, it was disappointing for the customers, as the other competitors of the Unicorn had loads of features in them. But in the year 2010 everything changed, as Honda totally revamped the Unicorn.

The latest mill is a bit more powerful compared to the older ones, pumping 14 bhp and promises a better mileage on the road, but anyways mileage was never an issue with the Unicorn, it always stood up to that. Cosmetics on the bike are the latest, which means Honda totally changed the outlook of the bike and it does not even have a percentage of the looks from the previous Unicorn.  The old three pod speedometer has been changed, and is completely replaced with a new digital speedometer which shows trip meter, clocks and other information of the bike.

In short we can’t come to a decision that the latest Unicorn is better than the old one, for the old Unicorn had the image of an indestructible bike that had the smoothest mill in the 150cc category in India, with the confidence of the rider totally devoted into the bike So it is now up to Honda to let the latest Unicorn Dazzler retain the same image that the Unicorn had in the India bike market.


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