US tech giant Apple Chief Executive Tim Cooks says that its Watch will help replace the car keys and its battery will last for the whole day. Cook in an interview said that the watch is designed to replace the car keys so the users can get rid of the large fobs that have become common these days.

car keys

Seems like the battery issue has been solved as it will last for the whole day and will not take as long to charge as the iPhone. Cook added that the Watch will work like a credit card through Apple Pay but it has not been revealed how the authentication process will work.

This has also meant that the rollout of the Watch will challenge the Apple Stores. In March 2014, Apple showed off the CarPlay which allowed the drivers to access contacts on their iPhones, listen to voicemails and make calls without the need to take their hands off the steering wheel.

Earlier reports also claimed that Apple is looking forward to the much awaited self driving electric car and that it is in talks with the experts and automotive suppliers. Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch at an event on March 9, 2015 and will be launched in April 2015.

Photo Credits: businessinsider


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