Asia Bizz: Apple Drastically Increases Mobile Phone Profit Share

Apple is seriously taking a stand against its rivals in the Mobile phone market, as we see the Apple’s Industry Profit has risen drastically to almost 39%. But if we combine Apple’s mobile sales in the market it is not even a slice in the pie chart. Apple sold some 17 million handsets in the first of the financial year, compared to others who crossed triple digits.

There were some 400 million handsets sold in the which include top manufacturers from outside the US, who are Samsung, LG, Nokia etc. One of the main reasons that Apple is turning out to make a presence market is that it has able to sell high end smartphones in the market the same other mobile manufacturers manage to sell low end cell phones.

Apple is almost leading in every concept of the market except when it comes to the sales share. Apple has come into TV reception and music services, but selling phones and computers in one of the top priorities of Apple, which it has excelled in.


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