Fast food giant McDonalds Japan will soon be launching a new smartphone app which is meant for the customer complaints. The new move will be taken after some bad experiences in the past when a human tooth was found with some fries.

The smartphone app will be launched due to the sliding sales of the fast food giant in the country as its reputation has been badly dented. Japan Holdings of McDonalds issued a statement which said, “We will introduce a new smartphone app customers can use to post their feelings, opinions and requests, aiming at strengthening our ability to listen to customers’ voices”.

The parent company added that it was reviewing its procedures so as to deal with the suspected areas which can affect the reputation of the company. From April 2015, the company will be crafting some new communication methods with the customers. McDonalds hit the headlines when a customer reported about a human tooth that was found in some fries and a plastic object was found in the ice-cream.

The fast food giant defended itself and said that it did not know how the contamination happened. McDonalds also explained that there were no employees with a missing tooth at the outlet and that there was a very low possibility of contamination at the US factory that shipped the chips.

Photo Credits: themalaymailonline