Fast Food giant McDonalds has said that it would switch to chicken that is raised without the use of human anti-biotics. The recent announcement has put another fastfood giant KFC is likely to face a pressure from the environmental groups and the consumers to change the ways the poultry is raised.

McDonalds said that it will give up the usage of antibiotics which are important for human health but when used for meat production it can lead to a risk of deadly superbugs that resist treatment. Retailer Costco Wholesale Corp said that it aims to stop the sale of chicken and meat which is raised with human anti-biotics. Lousville, Kentucky based Yum Brands Inc. owns KFC, which has not mentioned any public policy over the use of antibiotics in the production of meat that it buys.

KFC competitor, Chick-fil-A says that 20% of the chicken that it serves is raised without antibiotics and assured that the entire supply chain will be converted by 2019. Yum as well as McDonalds are making efforts to attract wealthy and young crowd and give a tough fight to the other competitors like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc and Panera. Bread Co. which also supply antibiotic free meats and other high quality ingredients.

Photo Credits: miphidic


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