The country of Indonesia will soon be allowing tourists from additional 30 countries without a visa. However, the neighbouring country Australia was left from the list of countries allowed over the recent row over the executions.

The recent move has been taken as Jakarta is looking forward to improve the economy which has not been showing improvements from the past five years and is looking forward to attract more foreign tourists as the rupiah is rapidly weakening. For now the country allows foreign tourists from 15 countries, which are mostly in Southeast Asia to visit without a visa. Many people from other countries are allowed to buy a tourists visa on arrival.

The 30 countries which are now added to the list includes European countries, China and many other Asian countries, the United States and other states in the Middle East and Africa. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said, “People who want to travel to Indonesia won’t need to worry about a visa any more,” Yahya said late Monday, as he announced the changes.”

Official figures revealed that in 2013, the country attracted 8.8 million tourists compared to 25.72 million in Malaysia, and 26.55 million in Thailand. Australia accounted for more than 10 percent of foreign visitors in 2013.

Photo Credits: coconutsmedia


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