Asia Bizz: Oracle Steady Growth Shakes Up Its Rivals

Technology giant, Oracle, has been growing steadily and it is this growth that has shaken up its rivals. Oracle is in San Fransisco and this week it has organized the Open World customer conference. Some 41,000 people are present at the conference to speak over the software business in a detailed manner.

But it is not the presence of Oracle in the city for week that is worrying the people around, but it is Oracle’s ambition, to provide the world of business with every possible software which is needed. The customers are fearing that Oracle is looking their own interest here and not the customers.

What the scenario is going to turn out for the customers, is that they will be paying a lot more to Oracle, as they provide business solutions.Oracle looks very strong from its side, and that Oracle wants to make its presence concrete globally. The company had a sales figure of $26.8 billion last, and its rivals fear that it will be aiming notch $100 billion annually throughout the world.


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