Asia Bizz: Majestic Capital And Mahindra Satyam, Above Average Volume Movers

Wednesday proved to be a good day for two particular companies, Majestic Capital and Mahindra Satyam, who are above average volume movers. Majestic Capital notched a giant deal worth $7.8 million, as it acquired Bayslide Capital Partners at 45 cents a share, which equals a 105% premium on Tuesdays closing price.

Majestic Capital CEO James Scardino, stated that they were having a rough time to generate enough money from the company’s capital. It is a good sign of development from Majestic’s point of view, as the finalization of the massive deal will be done during the first quarter of 2011. Shares of Majestic Capital is surging by 17.1 cents, or 79.5%, to 38.6 cents in the premarket session.

On the other hand the Indian origin company Mahindra Satyam too is having a gala time in the market trading. Satyam’s rate surged by 6.3% or by 35 cents, to $5.88. It is stated that its going to report is first annual report by next year.


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