Sovereign state of East Asia Taiwan is facing the worst drought condition in years. The country has already started rationing water supplies to more than one million households.

Reports say that the water supplies will be cut off for two days every week on a rotating basis on many of the northern cities. Water shortage has been caused due to reduced rainfall which has led to a fall in the water levels far below the capacity. The government had warned in March 2015 that the dry spell forecast would continue.

The economic affairs Ministry said, “The water supply situation is urgent as Taiwan had the lowest rainfall last autumn and winter since 1947”. The new Taipei City, Hsinchu County and neighbouring Taoyuan City are the cities where rationing has affected. The local media reported that the water level in Shihmen reservoir was at 24.56% of its capacity which is the lowest since it became operational in 1964.

The residents have been requested by the authorities to co-operate in terms of water supplies and preservation. They have been advised to store water in advance for cooking, washing and flushing toilets. Restrictions have also been imposed on the water supply to the industrial users since March 2015.

Photo Credits: cbsistatic