WhatsApp faces competition as Singtel launches IM app Wavee?

AsiaBizz.com: Singapore-based telecom company Singtel launched a new IM (Instant Messaging) app called ‘Wavee’ – which has similar features offered by rival apps like WhatsApp and Viber – on April 10, 2015. The new app allows users to make voice calls, video calls, send instant messages and set up chat groups.

The application is available free for download.

The growing popularity of messaging apps around the globe have led to a sharp decline in the exchange of text messages (SMS) in the past two years. The situation has also made telecom companies in Singapore sit up and announce plans to deal with the situation.

Earlier Singtel launched three types of apps similar to WhatsApp for pre-paid users. The plans are tagged to the customer’s existing pre-paid plans and allows them to send unlimited WhatsApp messages without having the need to pay additional data charges. On the other hand, analysts have opined that the traditional telco revenue fall is also aimed to get the subscribers to pay for data.

The Vice president for consumer marketing of Singtel, Johan Buse said, “People are looking for richer, more seamless and personal ways of communicating. With Wavee, we are giving our customers a holistic, end-to-end service.” The telecom company added that the network conditions can vary between the locations and that Wavee has the ability to catch the best signal to provide the best voice quality.

Photo Credits: tempo