Small shops in Indonesia are banned from selling alcohol. A new law has been passed in the country that has banned the sale of alcohol in small shops. The new law has mentioned that alcohol can now be sold only at supermarkets, hotels and food outlets but some 70,000 local stores have been banned from stocking it.

The government has argued that the new law has come to force so as to protect young people in the country that has a majority of Muslims. On the other hand the law has been criticised by the tourist trade, particularly in the Hindu island of Bali. Bali is a tourism hub and its economy mainly relies on tourism. The ban can severely damage the tourism industry.

Even the vendors selling alcohol drinks to tourists at the beach have been banned from doing so. One of the government official said that more severe rules can be brought for some of the Bali traders but the plans have not yet been finalised. Two of the islamic parties had appealed to completely outlawing alcohol in the country. Reports said that they wanted it to be illegal to produce or sell alcoholic drinks and that anyone caught drinking alcohol could face a jail term of up to five years.

Abdul Hakim, the lawmaker from Prosperous Justice Party clarified that it was not a religious ideology but to purely protect the young generation of the country.

Photo Credits: nyt