Asia Bizz: BlackBerry Maker Research In Motion (RIM) To Unveil The ‘BlackPad’ In The Coming Week

Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry,will be surprising everyone with the latest gadget they will be unveiling next week, the ‘BlackPad’. It is said the new tablet PC by RIM will be worthy competitor to the Apple iPad. The people have nicknamed the tablet PC, the BlackPad, but it is will be in the market by the end of this year.

The BlackPad offers the user with a big 7 inch touch screen, and it is also said that it will feature at least one built in camera. RIM officials have even stated that it will be unveiling the gadget at the developers conference at San Fransisco next week.

RIM is working hard to bring its presence strong in the market and that it has been trying to overcome and Android dominant sector. Apple sold some three million iPad’s in just 80 days of the launch, and even Samsung and Toshiba have come up with own Tablets in the market, which feature some better gigs than the iPad.

It is said that the BlackPad will be featuring BlueTooth, broadband connectivity, and have mobile phone access through a BlackBerry phone. It will also feature a completely new operating system built by RIM itself, and it will be a challenge to Google and Apple based OS.